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We are Lightning Willow Herbals!!!

Your source for expertly Handcrafted and All Natural Herbal Skincare Products!


Situated on the south shore of Boston Massachusetts, we are a small family run company, dedicated to providing amazing products that REALLY work for you and your loved ones. Our beautiful products have been formulated over the past 20 years and time tested for quality and excellence. We are always open to feedback from our customers, creating, and improving our recipes. So, you can be reassured that you are using superior products, made by a family that truly cares about your health.

Healing herbal infusions are the starting base of many of our wonderful products. Some of these infusions can take up to a year to reach their perfection. We use our own homegrown herbs when available, and supplement with locally sourced organic herbs from our fellow farmers. Base oils used for soaps, salves, and infusions are purchased from a local company that specializing in natural and organic oils. The essential oils that we use are therapeutic grade and of extremely high quality. We ALWAYS list our ingredients, are available to answer questions, and will even custom blend for those customers with allergies and sensitivities.

Positive energy is an important part of our work, and it can be seen and felt in every soap, lotion, or body care product. Our products range from goat milk soap to exquisite facial oils to herbal medicinal remedies. All are handmade in small batches with much love, precision, and passion. We are dedicated to passing on knowledge everyday about natural herbal skincare. We have a lot of fun too, as a real family living in the real world. We love to share our process through social media. So, join us and lets make our enchanting circle of Gods and Goddesses even bigger. We are very thankful to our growing community of love and support! 

A Quick Bio:

​The owner of this small company, Meaghen, comes from humble beginnings. Her personal narrative is one of an inspiring Amazon and modern day herbal witch.  Her hand is in every batch of every product, and it is her creativity and years of work that bring you these wonderful products today! Read more about Meaghen's story under "Why Natural Skincare". This company's journey has included many budding herbal witches and warriors along the way, and now Meaghen is passing her herbal knowledge down to her daughters (pictured below when the company was just started years ago).

Thank you for supporting this Goddess-run company!!

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