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Why Natural Skin Care???


Our skin is our largest organ, but it is often the most ignored. We are obsessed with
eating healthy food to fuel our bodies, getting enough exercise to keep weight off,
 keeping our heart functioning properly, and even taking vitamins to supplement our
nutrition. But what about our skin?? Sure, we may slather some sunscreen on before
heading to the beach, but most of us unknowingly wash with a chemical filled soap,
and “moisturize" with a petroleum based lotion. 


A lot of advertising is put in front of us to make sure we don’t wonder what’s in our body scrub or facial cleanser. Everybody wants to believe their night cream will rid their face of wrinkles. Who actually reads the label and finds out what those hard-to-pronounce ingredients really are? The truth is that skin care products are not regulated in the United States, and cosmetic companies are allowed false advertising. So, we buy products based on how they are advertised, but have no idea what effects they will have on our health. There are over 120 known carcinogens frequently used in skin care products today!! We are exposing ourselves to toxins that are not only linked to cancer but have also been associated with reproductive and developmental harm. 


For our own growing family, using natural skin care products is the only option! Our journey into creating natural skin care products starts from a very personal place. When younger, Meaghen always had troublesome skin. Trouble with acne, redness, dryess, black heads that never disappeared, and uneven skin tone. She went to four different dermatologists, all whom told her to buy over-the-counter brand name skin cleansers and moisturizers. Some were for conditions such as acne and rosacea, but none worked for her. In fact, they all irritated her sensitive skin even more! From an early age, Meaghen has had an interest in making herbal creams, salves, and toners, and she grew up making goat milk soap with her dad on their farm. In desperate need of curing her skin, she made a decision to "go back to her roots" and create her own natural skin care items. After a few months of using only these natural handmade products, Meaghen's skin improved drastically and she finally felt what it was like to have beautiful skin. That created a fire in her to create high quality, natural, herbal recipes for ALL our body care needs. Throughout the years and with raising three children, we added many necessary formulas to that collection, such as our Baby Butt Butter and Eucalyptus Chest Rub. Today our body care needs are met by using 100% of our own homemade and time-tested formulas, and we are proud to be offering them for sale! We hope you like them as much as we have over the years!!!

​ Tips to get YOUR Best Skin:

  • minimize sun exposure 

  • drink plenty of water

  • get good rest

  • avoid life's toxins when possible (pollution, poor diet, stress)

  • stop using chemically saturated products 

  • and most importantly....SMILE!!!


  • Get started with Natural Skin Care RIGHT NOW! 

  • Follow this simple face cleansing regimen, using common kitchen ingredients!


  • Step 1. Try a simple herbal facial steam: 

  • Great for deep pore cleansing! 

  • Select dried herbs for your skin type. 


HerbsFor Dry to Normal skin:

  • Comfrey leaf

  • Calendula

  • Chamomile

  • Rose 

  • Lavender 

Herbs For Oily skin:

  •  Raspberry leaf

  •  Sage

  •  Rosemary 

Step 1. Bring herbs to boil in a large pot of water. 

Remove from heat and stand over the pot with a towel to capture the herbal steam. 

Steam for about 5-8 minutes, coming out to catch your breath when needed. 


Step 2. Gently Cleanse: 

Grind old fashioned oats in a blender. This takes only a few moments. 

Take a few tablespoons of the oat powder and mix with raw honey and water until a paste is formed. 

Use this paste as a gently exfoliating cleanser. Substitute milk for a creamier blend. 

(Check out our Facial Cleansing Grains) 


Step 3. Tone 

Spray or dab on a simple Witch Hazel, available at pharmacies and grocery stores. 

Other blends, with Rosewater for example, may be purchased. 

Toners close pores, balance your skin's pH, prepare your skin for moisturizer, and some reduce inflammation and irritation from red, itchy, or dry skin.

(Check out our Queen of Hungary Water, Rose Toner, or Green Tea and Thyme Toner)


Step 4. Moisturize 

While this may go against what you've have heard about facial skin care, the best moisturizers are oils! 

Your skin creates it's own natural oils, and thus accepts oil very easily. 

Oils seep into all layers of our skin, feeding the skin cells and allowing them to renew themselves, while cream usually penetrates only the first layer and then sits on top.

Oils will not clog your pores, and will leave your skin soft and radiant. 

Choose a light oil that is beneficial to your skin, such as Grapeseed oil, or Apricot oil, Olive oil, or Almond oil. 

Gently massage a few drops into your face and down your neck. Only a few drops are needed.

(Check out our Goddess Oil)


Step 5. Don't forget that smile! 

A stress-relieving smile is just what your skin (and whole body) needs! 

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