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What’s this news??
Yes! We are now a retailer of our favorite laundry liquid….CHARLIE’S SOAP!!

This amazing cleaner is the cumulative work of three generations in a family business based in North Carolina. It all started with Charlie Sr. and is now run by Charlie Jr. and his three sons. Read more about them here.

Many of our customers have asked if we make a natural laundry liquid. Well, no. We don’t. The reason is because our family has been using Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid for about 10 years now, and we have no reason or want to change that! We’ve used it on our regular clothes, cloth diapers, rags and rugs, and even special delicates. As Charlie’s soap customers, we found it difficult to find the laundry soap locally and mostly purchased it online. So, we decided that by becoming a retailer for them, not only could we provide our customers with an excellent laundry detergent, but we would also be fulfilling that demand in our community around Boston.

Charlie’s Soap comes in many different forms. At the present time, we only offer their Laundry Liquid. This is a “natural laundry detergent in a liquid that’s biodegradable”. It is highly concentrated, and you can literally “deep clean and detox your laundry for only pennies per load!” All you need is just one ounce per load, which seems like a ridiculously small amount. However, our whole family can attest to the effectiveness of this natural laundry product. It is also odorless and colorless! You may have to get used to your clothes smelling like nothing but…..well, clean! Like Charlie says “If you want flowers, go pick some.”

Removes entrapped odors and stains
Removes residues from your previous detergent

For High Efficiency Washers
E-Z measure bottle
Safe for the environment
Works on all your laundry, even hi-tech fabrics and delicates
Say bye-bye to fabric softeners

Find out more information at


Our Sizes and Prices at the Farm and Farmer’s Markets:

  4oz. Trial/Travel size (4 washes) …………………….. $4.00

32oz. Easy Measure Bottle (40 washes)………………. $13.00

128oz.  Gallon Family size (160 washes)………………. $30.00

We also offer refills for your previously purchased Charlie’s Soap container. These refills will be more affordable than buying a new bottle every time.
A convenient way to get your necessary detergent and go green at the same time!!

Refill Prices:



The original bottles and refills are sold ONLY at all our farmer’s market locations, and at our year round farm stand in Rockland.  

Please view our MARKET SCHEDULE or CONTACT US for more information!
Small Print on the refills:


Please make sure your container is CLEAN and free of dust and dirt. Please bring it with the cap or the pump it was sold with. Be aware that if those requirements are not met, we may not be able to refill your container. We are also only available to refill Charlie’s Soap containers at our farmer’s market locations or at our year round farm stand on the farm. No Charlie’s Soap sales or refills will be done online or at Holiday Fairs and Special Events. Charlie’s Soap will also not be offered for sale at other retail locations that sell Lightning Willow Farm products.

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