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Facial Cleansing Grains

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Facial Cleansing Grains

This miracle beauty product is inspired by the magical work of Rosemary Gladstar, one of the brilliant herbalists of our time!

We have put our own spin on this great classic recipe! Simply take a teaspoon or so of these grains into the palm of your hand, and add drops of water until a paste is formed. Use this paste to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

Truly feel good about what you wash your face with! Gentle enough to use everyday, and exactly what your skin needs to cleanse and replenish itself. A simple and quick spa treatment with no chemicals or preservatives!!

We have added our own lavender buds and our aromatic rose petals for beautiful color, texture, and scent.


Kaolin clay, bentonite clay, ground oatmeal, ground almonds, poppyseeds, lavender buds, mundi rose petals, comfrey leaf, calendula flowers, essential oils of lavender and rose.

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