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Oat, Milk, & Honey

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Fragrance Free! This is the perfect bar of facial soap for those with sensitive skin.

The milk and honey give it a light and yummy smell, which is why we don't label this soap as "scent free". However, it is fragrance free, meaning we have not added any fragrance or essential oils to this bar. Mild enough to use on young children, and for everyday use. The oatmeal aids in gentle exfoliation, is a great moisturizer, helps correct your skin's pH and protects it's natural barriers, and reduces itching and inflammation.

Many of our customers with eczema and psoriasis find relief from using this soothing oatmeal bar, so it's not necessarily just for your face!


Saponified oils of Olive, Soy, Palm, and Coconut, Whole Milk, Ground Oats, and Honey

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